December 2016

human network diagram

Share and share alike

New research into the sharing economy illustrates how companies can better serve the underserved. It’s easy to see ridesharing companies Lyft or Uber as a sa... Read More
young boxer sitting on ropes inside ring

A fighting chance

Salvation Army boxing club hits at-risk youth. For 10 years, the Double Punches Boxing Club has been operating an afterschool program for at-risk youth at Th... Read More
Four men outside with chainsaws

Trees turn to heat

“It’s firewood, but to them it’s gold.” - Lt. Kevin Pope, former Coos Bay Corps Officer The City of Coos Bay and The Salvation Army make use of downed trees to... Read More

Authentic influence

Are you authentically expressing your requests? Are you authentically fulfilling your promises? It is only through our interdependence with others that we crea... Read More

Winter good stuff collection

"We realize we cannot help everybody but it is our responsibility to help somebody." - Laura Cuevas, SquareHue President and CoFounder The Natural Citizen ... Read More