Tada Keynotes Victory University

Pratt, Ortlunds, Anderson, Miller
Examine Victorious Life

VICTORY–Joni Eareckson Tada challenges delegates to become victors, not victims, through Jesus.


Internationally known author, speaker and artist Joni Eareckson Tada, keynote speaker for Victory University, kicked off Friday’s sessions with a resounding call to victory in Christian living.

“In our ‘culture of comfort,’ ” she stated, “we want to erase suffering…but we have a miracle working God who can wrench out of our circumstance a miraculous good for us.”

Joni, who has been confined to a wheelchair for the past 30 years, suffered a paralyzing spinal cord injury when she dived from a raft into shallow water as a teen.

As she chronicled her path from that of a victim of her circumstances to gaining victory in the midst of them, she noted that victory came when she realized that Jesus is the answer to suffering. “He’s the embrace of God,” she said.

In the years since her accident, she has written 21 books, has become an internationally known artist–holding the brush between her teeth–and has become a vital communicator, including writing a regular column for Moody Monthly and recording a daily radio program.

Continuing the theme of becoming equipped to live a victorious Christian life, four workshops (held at two different times) provided delegates with a variety of opportunities to grow in the Spirit.

Afternoon workshops included: “Victory in Christian Living”–Commissioner Will Pratt (R), speaker, hosted by Dr. Robert Docter; “Victory in the Spirit”–Dr. Chuck Miller, speaker, hosted by Capt. Lee Lescano; “Victory in Relationships”–Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Anne Ortlund, speakers, hosted by Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock; and “Victory in Tragedy”–Major Anne Pickup, panel leader, hosted by Dr. Jack Anderson.

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