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Inspiring! The Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters’ new recording, Amazing Love, has a tremendous message and is sure to have an equally blessed ministry. Produced in preparation for the Songsters’ upcoming Easter tour of the United Kingdom, the CD’s program lays out the story of salvation, through the death and resurrection of Christ, in a manner that is remarkable.

Of course, this CD is musically excellent—the already strong tradition and high level of performance one has come to expect from this group continues to improve and deepen under the direction of Songster Leader Martin Hunt.

As has been the case with past Tab Songster recordings, the group’s strong choral sound and wonderful depth of expressive soloists combine with dynamic orchestral accompaniments to create an exciting and entertaining presentation. Yet, this reviewer was most impressed with the clarity of vision in presenting the Easter message. Amazing Love will have a direct spiritual influence on all who hear it.

The entire package—from strong and striking graphic design to orchestral interpretation and highly developed choral sound, combined with the careful choice and placement of titles—is extremely well-conceived and shows an intentionality of forethought rarely seen in an Army or any recording. In this reviewer’s experience, putting together a recording in this manner is a feat that is truly difficult to pull off. Where many groups would be content to choose a program that is merely varied and interesting, Amazing Love easily accomplishes this while going much further—telling the Easter story in a logical and sensitive progression.

Many musical moments deserve a mention—a wonderful, if all too brief, a capella passage in “Know My Heart,” is a flash of brilliance. Of particular note is the work of the soloists. Keith Spencer has an amazing voice and is ably matched by Susan Moulton in duet and soloist roles—they blend wonderfully without upstaging the message. Soloist Barbara Allen is featured on what is sure to be a show-stopping rendition of, “In a Moment.” Newly featured on this recording are Sarai and Isaac Henry-John—brother and sister—whose presentation of “Behold Your King,” is both inspiring and musically impressive.

If Amazing Love is an indication of the strength of performance and spiritual depth in planning that will be part of their upcoming tour, it is clear that those who will hear the group—either on tour or via this recording—are in for a tremendous blessing.

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