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Global activist and Salvationist Phil Wall, who has been described as everything from radical to unorthodox within The Salvation Army, will be guest speaker at “Impact,” at the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps on Friday, May 17. A former riot squad police officer in London and championship boxer, Phil became a Christian at age 20 and after studying theology dedicated himself as a youth and community worker.

With a passion and zeal for The Salvation Army, Phil led the United Kingdom’s Mission Team for over 10 years, training young men and women for evangelism.

Phil, along with others members of the Mission Team, helped Pasadena Tabernacle host the eXtreme conferences of 1997-1999 ­ challenging Salvationists to a lifestyle that is sold out to Jesus Christ and calling The Salvation Army back to its passionate roots.

Since leaving Mission Team leadership, Phil has become a Director of Signify Ltd., the sole associate of Global Change Ltd., a Future Trends Consultancy, and recently founded an international AIDS charity (Hope HIV) to partner with Salvation Army HIV/AIDS programs for orphans throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Phil is a dynamic and passionate speaker who captivates people with his personal stories, humor and solid biblical teaching. Whether it is at some of Britain’s largest Christian events, or at his local Salvation Army church, planted in South West London a few years ago, Phil is committed to the call of William Booth and to see The Salvation Army reach souls for Christ.

For information on the Friday night “Impact” service at The Salvation Army’s Pasadena Tabernacle Corps on Friday May 17, 2002, call (626) 773 4400 or email:

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