Susan Spencer honored for 50 years of service

Songster pianist recognized at Pasadena Tabernacle.

Susan Spencer receives her certificate of retirement from Captain Edward Hill at the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps.

Thousands of songs, thousands of people, thousands of miles driven, and literally thousands of hours at home practicing the piano! This is the record of Susan Spencer’s life. For the past 50 years, Susan has served as pianist for the Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters. She has tackled every possible style of music, with faithfulness, drive, energy and passion for ministry. With her skills at the keyboard, she has enabled the Tabernacle songsters to communicate the gospel with excitement, sensitivity and power. Susan, a life-long Salvationist, has served in this role faithfully. At the recent dinner in her honor, Corps Officer Captain Edward Hill stated that for many years she had not missed even one Sunday or rehearsal.

Bill Flinn, who served as the songster leader for 23 years says, “As an outstanding piano player and accompanist, Susan Spencer has made a significant contribution to the effectiveness of worship at the Tabernacle corps and to music ministry of the songsters. Faithfulness, exuberance and Christian sincerity are but a few of the many attributes she has consistently demonstrated in her life-long commitment of service to the Lord and the Army.”

Upon her retirement, current Songster Leader Martin Hunt remarked: “Her legacy of ministry reaches far beyond our imagination. The seven songster recordings are played around the world, and people who have heard the songsters sing have shared the life changing stories—all of this has been based upon a strong and firm foundation that Susan has provided.”
During the celebration dinner held in Pasadena, letters of appreciation were shared from retired international leaders, General Paul Rader and General Eva Burrows, along with distinguished music leaders from around the world.

Reflecting on her years of ministry, Susan commented, “Because my accompanying the songsters was my ministry of love it does not seem possible that it has been 50 years. Actually, if I could, I would like to play for another 50 years. But I trust God is preparing another way I may serve him as well as giving me the opportunity to fill in on the piano for the songsters as needed.”

Susan’s level of commitment, faithfulness and service as a Salvation Army soldier is an example to each of us. May there be many more soldiers like her!

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