State assembly recognizes ARC grads

ARC Grad

ARC GRAD MARK SIMMONS proudly displays his certificate, signed by California State Assembly Speaker Robert M. Hertzberg.


Upon completion of the six-month program at the Van Nuys Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), center graduates receive an extra measure of encouragement and support in the form of special certificates of recognition from the California State Assembly offices, signed by Speaker Robert M. Hertzberg. Each of the 11 x 14 certificates are gold-embossed and personalized with the name of the graduate. They say:

“In recognition of your extraordinary perseverance upon graduating from The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. I commend you for your exceptional strength and courage. Best of luck in the future.”

The Van Nuys ARC recognizes an average of six men every month for successfully completing their program with a special graduation ceremony to which family and friends are invited. (Last year 71 men completed the ARC program in Van Nuys.) Graduations are exciting events, with some graduate family members even coming from out of state to attend.

“The whole graduation process is a very significant stepping up into a new level of participation in sobriety. The men enjoy receiving recognition from the State Assembly office. The certificates are a good support tool for them,” said Denise Daymon, Van Nuys ARC Director of Rehabilitation Services.

Van Nuys ARC graduate, Mark Simmons adds: “The ARC recovery program saved my life. It’s nice that the politicians in the area recognize what the program here is doing for the community.”

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