Standard of Achievement awards presented

 Territorial Youth Department recognizes successful programs.

Each year, The Salvation Army Western Territorial Youth Department presents the Standard of Achievement awards to recognize outstanding corps cadet and junior soldier programs.

The blue, red and yellow awards are determined by the number of students in the brigade, with blue indicating the largest count. Winning corps receive a plaque with an engraved star.

Cadet brigades earn points by conducting a corps cadet Sunday, wearing uniforms, going on excursions, turning in lessons, and having a leader attend a training event.

The 2013 corps cadet awards are as follows:

Blue: San Diego Citadel (Sierra del Mar), Reno (Del Oro), Pasadena Tabernacle (Southern California), College for Officer Training (Southern California), Anchorage Citadel (Alaska), Yuma (Southwest), Tacoma (Northwest), Casa Grande (Southwest).

Red: Portland Tabernacle (Cascade), San Pedro (Southern California), Albuquerque Temple (Southwest), Kauluwela Mission (Hawaiian and Pacific Islands), Prescott (Southwest), Renton (Northwest).

Yellow: Tucson South (Southwest), Mesa (Southwest), Fairbanks (Alaska), Chandler (Southwest), Seattle Temple (Northwest), Las Vegas Citadel (Southwest).

Junior soldiers gain points by attendance, wearing uniforms, participating in singing company and serving in the worship service.

The 2013 junior soldier awards are as follows:

Blue: Casa Grande (Southwest), College for Officer Training (Southern California), Kalispell (Northwest), Pasadena Tabernacle (Southern California), Reno (Del Oro), Rita Corps (Hawaiian and Pacific Islands), San Francisco Kroc (Golden State), San Pedro (Southern California), Santa Fe Springs (Southern California), Tacoma (Northwest).

Red: Albuquerque Temple (Southwest).

Yellow: Anchorage (Alaska), Centralia (Northwest), Guam (Hawaiian and Pacific Islands), Juneau (Alaska), San Diego Citadel (Sierra del Mar).

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