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Spring Cleaning: 5 ways to do good and give back by donating to The Salvation Army

Proceeds from Salvation Army Thrift Stores and Donation Centers fund six-month, no-fee alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs.

Spring is here! We’ve made it through the shortened days of winter and we’re finally barreling ahead toward warmer temperatures and longer days. Around this time of year, many of us go into “spring cleaning mode” where we dive headfirst into the dusty, forgotten spaces of our homes with the hopes of creating a fresh start to the season.

While decluttering and reorganizing it’s likely we will come across items in our homes that no longer serve us. This year, while you’re spring cleaning consider giving those items to Salvation Army Thrift Stores and Donation Centers.

Your donations to Salvation Army Thrift Stores are resold to provide funding support for six-month, no-fee Adult Rehabilitation Programs and Centers that help more than 200,000 people overcome addiction every year throughout the United States. Bring on spring by letting your donated goods do good!


Not sure where to start your spring cleaning? Gravitate toward your closet and see where ghosts of outfits past may still be lingering. No matter the size, color, or style, The Salvation Army can help give your old clothes a new life. By donating clothing you no longer wear, you’re freeing up space for clothes that truly identify you.

When deciding if it’s time to donate a piece of clothing, ask yourself: “Have I worn this in the past year?” If the answer is no, consider why you aren’t wearing it and consider donating it.


Over time, we pick and choose our favorite shoes and accessories to accent our outfits while other options get used less and less. Instead of letting your unused shoes and accessories collect dust in the back of your closet, donate them!

You never know who might be looking for exactly what you’re ready to give away. That statement piece necklace you swore would look good with everything? Those high-heels you tried to convince yourself didn’t hurt your feet? What may not have worked for you could be perfect for someone else.


Not every book we read will be one we want to keep and revisit again and again. Some books are best read once and passed on for someone else to enjoy. Still, when it comes time for spring cleaning, letting go of our beloved books can be a difficult task.

As you and your family go through your bookshelves, consider which books are worth keeping and which ones are better to donate. Scrutinize them all—cookbooks to spy novels and everything in between. By letting go of what we already have read, we can create space for more books that can inspire us to do good.


From pots and pans to coffee mugs and more, we all need houseware goods. However, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Telltale signs? Cabinets and drawers filled to the brim, unable to close.

Rule of thumb? Keep the best, ditch the rest! Let someone new tackle the hobby you’ve decided doesn’t “spark joy” anymore. Maybe there was a time when you were ecstatic about that bread maker or juicer…but now it’s collecting dust and impeding your spring cleaning happiness. Let me tell you— it’s time to donate!


Decor is what makes a house a home. It sets the stage and provides the energy for a space…but sometimes our spaces need a refresh. Once we rid ourselves from dated decor, we can re-envision the next chapter of our spaces.

From furniture, artwork, lighting and more—The Salvation Army is ready to rehome your decor items that no longer work for you.

Ready to donate? Visit for participating spring cleaning drop-off locations.

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Lou Buhl

Lou Buhl is a writer based in West Bloomfield, Michigan.