Spring Campaigns: Won by One Brigade wins souls for Christ

The early morning air was buzzing with excitement as the cadets piled into their busses, ready to be whisked off to one of four locations for the cadet Spring Campaigns: Salem, Oregon; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Casa Grande, Arizona; and the local Southern California area.

Spring Campaigns are a week of intense, hands-on ministry that offers cadets the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in real-life field locations, making this the ultimate learning laboratory for future Salvation Army officers.

Cadet Monica King gave me a glimpse into her busy and unforgettable week as part of the Won by One Brigade in Casa Grande. The brigade’s arrival took place during spring break for the local school children. Corps Officers Captains Jason and Angelina Koenig empowered the brigade to plan, develop and implement a week-long Music Day Camp entitled “Music, Madness and More.”

The cadets were blessed to find over 70 children in attendance the first day, double the number of children they had planned for, and more children than the Casa Grande Corps had ever seen at a children’s program. In addition to teaching music and performing arts classes all week, the cadets also experienced ministry at a nursing home, a juvenile detention center, and at a homeless lunch program in the park.

King says, “The week went by quickly and many new friendships were formed. Most important, however, was that the love of Jesus was shared and souls were saved.”

We’ve received reports that several of the children new to the corps during the Spring Campaigns have continued to attend. The Won by One Brigade has indeed won a few souls for Christ.

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