Special Clergy Police Academy trains pastors in Los Angeles

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by Carla Jackson – 

Believing that violent crime can be reduced if pastors and police departments work together, The Salvation Army Los Angeles Central Corps, led by Captain Antonio Horta, recently hosted a training program—Special Clergy Police Academy—to equip pastors with the knowledge necessary to minister to people living in a community afflicted with violence and other crime.

Almost 70 attended the academy, which was coordinated by the Hispanic ministerial association Unidos Por Jesucristo (United for Christ). Led by Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Earl Paysinger with a team of officers and detectives, the academy provided 12 hours of instruction. Pastors and police attended the academy over three Saturdays in December at the Los Angeles Central Corps. Topics covered included: domestic violence, gang violence, the Los Angeles Police organizational structure, and the legal and moral responsibilities of the local pastor.

At the closing ceremony, Los Angeles Police Chief William J. Bratton presented certificates of completion to Horta and soldiers Manuel Gayton and Marcelo Riveros of the LA Central Corps, along with 65 other Hispanic pastors from area churches. Horta, Gayton, Riveros and divisional Secretary for Latino Programs Major Mario Reyes received special certificates of recognition for their support in hosting the academy.

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