Southwest Div. says ‘Howdy!’ to Mowerys

LT. COLONELS DON and Jan Mowery (l) are installed as Southwest divisional leaders during divisional camp meetings by Colonels Phil and Keitha Needham.

“Vibrant, joyous and spiritually enlightening” describe the Southwest Deeper Life Family Camp Meetings held in Mesa, AZ. Featured guest General Eva Burrows (R) quickly won the hearts of the 740 registered soldiers and friends with her gracious spirit and sound Bible teaching.

Her teachings, and the opportunity for personal interaction with the General on Saturday afternoon, were highlights of the weekend.

In the Breaking Bread Women’s Rally, Colonel Shona Forsyth from Costa Rica illustrated to all in attendance the vital necessity of daily breaking bread with God. In the Men’s Rally, Burrows spoke about God’s requirements.

The division’s diversity was illustrated by the variety of music shared by the divisional band and chorale, the Gospel Ensemble, Casa Grande Singing Company, music school soloists Julian Rascon and Esther Chae, El Paso Temple Latino dancers, the Korean dancers and various instrumental and vocal soloists. Saturday and Sunday services were translated into both Spanish and Korean to meet the needs of all.

Colonels Phil and Keitha Needham conducted an installation service for Lt. Colonels Don and Jan Mowery, new divisional commander and director of women’s organizations.

The Sunday afternoon service began with a stimulating and lively ribbons troop and the strains of “I Want to be a Soldier of the Cross.” The theme, Our God Reigns, was creatively illustrated by the El Paso Temple mime troop.

Candidate Eric Lee shared his testimony regarding his calling and spiritual growth. Then he and the other nine candidates were bid a joyful farewell to begin their new spiritual journey as cadets in The Salvation Army.

The weekend culminated with Burrows enrolling 58 senior soldiers, five junior soldiers and three adherents.

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