Southwest connects with Navajos

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Division presents concert, conducts worship service at Kayenya Bible Church.


Over the last 18 months the Southwest Division’s music department has established a ministry connection with the Kayenya Bible Church—a mission to the Navajos.

Phoenix Citadel Salvationist musician Susan Boner, who has taught on the Indian reservation for many years, became friends with the Taggart family who pioneered this church. The church, without a pastor, asked if the Army could help with Sunday services.

In February of 2005 a band visited the area, gateway to the spectacular Monument Valley. DMD Ralph and Mrs. Isobel Pearce made a further visit a few months later.

Most recently, the Southwest Division’s Sonoran Brass visited—a divisional band made up of “mature” Salvationist musicians. The band gave a Saturday evening concert featuring a broad cross-section of Salvation Army music. Major Keith McRevy and Songster Leader Isobel Pearce presented vocal solos; great interest was shown in the classic Army set of variations by Phil Catelinet, “A Sunbeam.” Implicit in the music was a description of a child’s day, which Pearce provided in a commentary.

Major Jerry Ames presented a message, leading into Kenneth Downie’s “Grant us Thy Peace.”

“On our first visit we were allowed to participate in the Sunday worship, but this year we were entrusted with the whole service,” said Pearce, who noted that hymns were selected by the local congregation. “God’s guidance in these choices was apparent as the hymns fitted perfectly into the theme of the service: grace.”

Pearce’s new selection entitled “Grace” led into a stirring address given by Major Harry Lacey (Phoenix Citadel), who spoke on the grace of God in our lives.

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