SOUNDS OF SUMMER: Divisional Music Camps 2005

This summer, divisional music leaders throughout the Western Territory have been busy developing The Salvation Army’s young musicians at intensive five-to-ten-day music camps.

Alaska: Forty-six children attended music camp at King’s Lake Camp, under the direction of Major Lawrence Shiroma, divisional music camp coordinator. Bandmaster Carl Darby, music ministries director from the Northwest Division, was special guest and campers earning top honors were Mae Butryn—junior vocalist, Marshall Horton—junior instrumentalist, Justine Marion—senior vocalist, and Un Kim—senior instrumentalist.

Hawaii and Pacific Islands: Music school met at Camp Homelani, under the leadership of Major Clarence Orion. Classes offered were Bible, Music Theory, Band, Chorus, Ukulele, Guitar, Timbrels, Signing, Praise and Worship, Hip-Hop, Stomp, Percussion, Hula and Hawaiian Heritage, Creative Arts, Drama, and for the first time this year, Video and DVD Creation. Special guests were Bandmaster Bill and Lenore Gordon from Canada, and the theme was “I am a Promise, I am a Possibility.”

Camp Directors Joe and Barbie Harvey-Hall and their staff presented Jesus Walk, a musical drama of Jesus’ last days, which was written by Joe Harvey-Hall.

Award recipients included: Fyodor Hardjono—Harry Stillwell award, Gage Lucas—Albert Ikeda award, Dominique Magnenat—senior musician, and Lorraine Guzman—junior musician.

Intermountain: Seventy-two students from three different states gathered at High Peak Camp, which is nestled in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado. From Music Theory to “Holy Hip-Hop,” campers spent a week immersed in music. The final program included the new Divisional Commander, Lt. Colonel Ray Peacock, lending spiritual lessons and presenting awards to outstanding campers. The High Peak Chorus was also honored to perform at SEATA (Sunday Evening at the Army) on July 10.

Award recipients included: Axel Russell—senior honor camper, Kimberly Woods—junior honor camper, Amanda Sullivan—senior chorus, Angela Lahey—junior chorus, Breyona Klein—theory, Steven Esten—beginner band, John McSweeney—intermediate ensemble.

Sierra del Mar: After surviving the wildfires of 2003, the big cross on the hill at Sierra del Mar camp wasn’t able to withstand recent mudslides. The cross went back up during music camp, however, and the campers hiked up to the cross at sunrise on their last day of camp. Also during camp, a boy from a group foster home accepted Christ and is thinking about becoming a soldier.

Students receiving top honors were: Tiffany Vien-Sanchez—Sierra del Mar Award, Amanda Webb—music scholarship.

Northwest: With the theme, Beatitudes…thanks JC, the Northwest music school directed its efforts towards Kingdom growth through music. Students strengthened their commitments, and departed with Music Director Carl Darby’s theme song echoing in their hearts and minds, “Beatitudes, have attitude, want attitude of JC!”

Along with band, chorus, percussion and guitar groups, the final festival included timbrels, ribbons and signing, hula, worship team, hip-hop and mime.

Lt. Colonel Harold Brodin congratulated the students on their discipline and high standards.

Award winners included: Amanda Wennstig—Timberlake Music Award, senior; Lindsay Chamness—Timberlake Music Award, junior; Morgan Keys—female senior honor student; Emily Grindle—female junior honor student; David Hood—male senior honor student; Wes Reardon—male junior honor student.

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