‘Soldier of Christ – Well Done!’


Crest for Promoted to Glory

Major Bill Lynch (R)

Major Bill Lynch (R) was promoted to Glory recently from his home in Seattle, Wash., after a lifetime of distinguished service.

Lynch entered the Officers’ Training College in San Francisco from Baker, Ore. Commissioned with the King’s Messen-gers Session in June 1948, he served in four assignments before being appointed to Juneau, Alaska. There, he entered into a lifelong love affair with a place and a people who loved him in return.

For more than 24 years he served devotedly in appointments ranging from Petersburg in the south to Fairbanks in the north. He had a special spot in his heart for the young, and established large scout troops in four Alaskan cities. He coached baseball and basketball, and by a write-in vote was elected to the Hoonah Board of Education. For five years he was the licensed master and pilot of the Motor Vessel William Booth, which provided services from village to village along the southeastern Alaska coast.

In 1961 he was married to Captain Bonnie Hoogstad. They served together in Fairbanks and then at the Men’s Social Center in Anchorage. His fine work for 13 years was recognized by the University of Alaska, which in 1973 presented him its first award for the most significant contribution to the field of alcoholism treatment in the state. At the Western Centennial Congress in 1983, Lynch was presented the Certificate in Appreciation of Exceptional Service, Salvationism’s second highest award.

Bill and Bonnie’s final years of active officership were given at the Seattle Harbor Light Center, and at Northwest divisional headquarters. Bill battled health problems with the goal of serving until his regular retirement, which was in 1993. In addition to his wife he is survived by his daughter, Katrina Bartlett, three sons, William, Gregory and Douglas, and four grandchildren. Messages of condolence may be sent to: Major Bonnie Lynch, 14302 Evanston Ave. N.,Seattle, WA 98133.

Lt. Colonel Alfred R. Van Cleef officiated at the funeral service in Seattle, with a reception at Seattle Temple Corps following the service.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Lynch’s name to the Camp Arnold Memorial Fund, c/o Northwest DHQ, P.O. Box 9219, Seattle WA 98109-0200.

Major Luis Gutierrez (R) was recently promoted to Glory from Chino, Calif.

When Luis and his wife Irma first walked through the entryway of the School for Officers’ Training, they had no way of knowing the extent of the blessings and sorrows in store for them. Luis was no stranger to discipline; he was already a war veteran. As a U.S. Marine, he had served during World War II, and while on service in Iwo Jima received a shrapnel wound that would continue to plague him through the coming years.

As members of the Courageous Session, Luis and Irma were commissioned as probationary lieutenants in 1958. They were warmly received in command of the Phoenix Temple Corps. Only six months later, their beloved daughter Irma was badly injured in an auto accident. Her severe injuries caused continuing poor health, and she was promoted to Glory last year. Luis, too, had to return many times to the Veterans Hospital for the removal of pieces of imbedded shrapnel.

Through it all, the officers never faltered in their devotion to God, their family, and The Salvation Army. Luis’s caring attitude, his skill in working with people, led to certification by the VA hospital in the field of Clinical Pastoral Counseling.

Gutierrez is survived by his wife and his son, Caleb. Interment was at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier. Major Moses Reyes officiated at a graveside service, and a memorial service was held at the Whittier Corps.

Messages of sympathy may be sent to Major Irma Gutierrez at 4257 Valerie Lane, Chino CA 91710.

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