Social Services Roundtable meets to discuss future plans

For three days in early September, the DoubleTree in Torrance, California, hosted the Western Territory’s Social Services Roundtable, the first to be held since September 2015. Beginning with a networking dinner on Monday evening and concluding with one last seminar on Thursday afternoon, the roundtable event gathered together nearly 25 representatives from all corners of the territory to discuss current social services trends and issues, exchange ideas and best practices, and help guide the territory’s plans for enhancing its social services in the coming years.

Topics covered included quality assurance mechanisms for the national social services standards, software options for tracking social services data, implementation strategies for the national Pathway of Hope initiative, and adapting local safety protocols to better address the opioid crisis, among others.

“Every delegate and presenter made valuable contributions to the event’s success,” said Christopher Doughty, Territorial Social Services Research Specialist. “The Territorial Social Services Department is excited to see where these conversations will lead us in the months ahead.”

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