SoCal Women ‘Blessed to the Brim’

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‘”CUP OF TEA”–Los Angeles Korean Corps’ Women’s Ministries members demonstrate a tea ceremony during the Women’s Ministries camp.


Nearly 500 Women’s Ministries members found Camp Mt. Crags “Brimming with Blessings” as they enjoyed two summer camp programs geared to the interests of English and Spanish speaking women.

English speakers were captivated by the ministry of special guest Kay DeKalb Smith, whose humor, music and inspirational presentations had them alternately rolling in the aisles and being deeply moved. “Her costumes and facial expressions reminded me so much of Carol Burnett. She was just great!” said one delighted attendee.

Bible studies, prayer walks, workshops and craft classes rounded out the program which proved to be everyone’s “cup of tea,” building on the camp theme. This was reinforced by a tea ceremony demonstration by women of the Los Angeles Korean Corps.

Spanish-speaking women of the division took as their theme “Leaving the Past and Looking to the Future” celebrating their heritage with a cultural festival. Special guest, Sol Nuñez, a recognized leader in the field of women’s and childhood abuse therapy counseling, dramatically portrayed, with the help of Captain Abigail Diaz, San Fernando Valley Corps, the challenge of releasing the burden of past mistreatment. Using the illustration of the butterfly she, too, used humor to convey her message but made a deep spiritual impression on her listeners.

Lt. Colonel Sherryl Van Cleef, director of Women’s Organizations and Major Diana Jones, Associate Women’s Ministries secretary, assisted by the members of DHQ Women’s Ministries staff, provided leadership to these stimulating programs which resulted in capacity crowds and an outpouring of abundant blessings for the women of the Southern California Division.

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