So. California Sings A “Work of Love”

The Southern California Divisional Singing Company Competition can best be described as a “work of love, become reality,” through the efforts of Bandmaster Chris and Faye Mallett. This was a standing room only event, with 250 uniformed Junior Soldiers, plus 180 parents and adult leaders.

Each of the 15 Singing Companies anxiously awaited their time to shine as leaders combed stray hairs into place, straightened uniforms, went over timing, behavior and memorized words. For five of the companies present, this would be their first competition, some with only five weeks practice!

Smiles of pride adorned the faces of each group as they took their places to sing the competition piece, “Dare to be a Daniel,” by Chris Mallett. With its upbeat tempo and message to youth to stand for Christ, it was a lively testimony revealing the faith of these children.

All received ribbons, and each group took home a photo plaque of its Singing Company. The following awards/trophies were presented by Lt. Colonel Al Van Cleef:

1st place trophy–Tustin Ranch; 2nd place trophies–Inglewood Corps, Los Angeles Korean; 3rd place trophies–Pasadena Tabernacle, Torrance Corps.

The Divisional Commander’s Award was presented to Anaheim Temple Corps.

“When you look into the faces of these children, you see so much promise for the future,” says Faye Mallett, who with Chris has spent countless hours in travel and instruction affecting these young lives. “And it doesn’t stop here! Next year a Territorial Singing Company Competition will be held!” echoes Chris.

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