So. California Music Camp hits high note

JESSICA HODDER AND JENNA GLEASON (l-r) sing a duet at the final concert.

The Southern California Chris Mallett School of Music Camp presented the following awards:

Junior Outstanding Musician
1) James Allen, 2) Jessica Hodder, 3) Jessica Davis

Junior Honor Camper
1) Megan Bearchell and Christina Choe, 2) Rebecca White, 3) Jessica Hodder

Junior Theory
1) James Allen, 2) Rebecca White and Derek Flinn, 3) Patrick McKenzie

Senior Outstanding Musician
1) Meredith Flinn, 2) Stephen Gebhardt, 3) Ashlee Harper

Senior Honor Camper
1) Victoria Cortez and Stephanie Castro, 2) Meredith Flinn, 3) Ashlee Harper

Senior Theory
1) Meredith Flinn, 2) Timothy Choe, 3) Jerri Kelly

Soloist awards were presented to:

Junior Vocal: Jessica Hodder

Junior Piano: James Allen

Junior Instrumental: Richard Peik

Senior Vocal: Ashlee Harper

Senior Piano: Meredith Flinn

Senior Instrumental: Michael Phrasavath

The Chris Mallett Scholarship was awarded to Oriana McGee and Saul Cortez.

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