So Cal Family Rally Day offers fellowship, worship

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WomensRally1Buses dropped off over 1,400 delegates of men, women and children at Camp Gilmore and Camp Crags last month for the Southern California Division’s Family Rally Day.

Over 300 men gathered for education, fellowship and worship led by the Surround the City Band. Territorial Commander Commissioner James Knaggs challenged those in attendance to be “men of faith,” not men of facts, feelings or fantasy.

“If [men] will commit to trusting God with their lives and be men of faith, then it will change their world,” he said.

Matt and Cody from the Canoga Park Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) said that the message challenged them to “stay strong and strive for the mount of righteousness.”

WomensRally3Later, speaker and author David Murrow delivered a session on “Why Men Hate Going to Church.” He explained that it’s not that men are less spiritual or less religious but that churches have become less attractive for them over time.

Lt. Henry Gonzalez from the San Luis Obispo Corps said he was reminded of the importance of men in the church and left feeling challenged to invite more men to his corps.

Lastly during the breakout session, the men learned how each man goes through a journey of discovery of being like Jesus in being a lamb and a lion based on scriptural lessons from the Gospel of Matthew. There were also Bible studies offered in Spanish.

One officer said that it was the “best men’s retreat he had been to in years” and that he been to many of them.

Meanwhile, the more than 600 women in attendance gathered under a huge white tent in anticipation of what God would do in their lives.

Commissioner Carolyn Knaggs shared beauty secrets, offering a reminder that God looks only at inner beauty.

WomensRally2“There is enough mercy and grace for you for the rest of your life and for your grandchildren and the next generations,” she said. Ladies were all given an individualized hand sanitizer to symbolize the desire for deep cleansing.

During the last session she removed her makeup onstage and exfoliated her skin, inspiring many in attendance with her transparency. Among them was Rose from the LA Central Corps.

“It has been such a blessing to be here,” she said. “Like all young moms, we are just trying to be pretty for our husbands along with what the social media emphasizes [of] outward beauty. But really the Lord looks at our heart and if our heart is right in his eyes, then that is the most beautiful thing we can be.”

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