So. Cal. Family Camp Explodes with Praise

Family Camp

FUN FOR ALL–Family camp provided activities for kids of all ages.

by Captain Ronda Gilger – 

Southern California Division’s 1998 Family Bible Camp provided time for participants to laugh together, play together, fellowship with other “families of faith” and take a long look at personal and family priorities.

Commissioners Kenneth and Barbara Hood (R), leaders for the weekend, kept the focus on holy living as it related to each delegate. Many accepted the challenge to be men and women of faith within their relationships, marriages and families. Captains Guy and Denise Hawk, visiting from the Sierra Del Mar Division, added humor and charm, making biblical truths come alive as they sang and performed at many of the sessions.

The night life exploded in praise! More than 200 young adults and teens ascended on Camp Mt. Crags/Gilmore for an event unrivaled in recent Army history! A coffee house, complete with “Rudd’s Mudd” coffee and performers such as “Sampos” and “Gina” lit up the night. Ear plugs were provided for those who needed them at the “too old for this” table. New Divisional Youth and Candidate’s Secretary, Captain George Baker, was seen having a great time getting to know the youth of the Southern California Division.

Divisional Commander Lt. Colonel Alfred Van Cleef was an integral part of the weekend, and spoke directly and lovingly to the delegates: “When the Spirit of God moves on us, such as he has done in our midst, we have no choice but to respond.”

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