Six New Candidates Accepted for 1999-2001

These accepted candidates are the newest in the West’s next session of cadets, and will be commissioned in June 2001. “These six candidates have been accepted for the Ambassadors of Grace Session of Cadets for 1999-2001,” said Territorial Youth and Candidates’ Secretary Major Rudy Hedgren.

“The Northwest and the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Divisions are leading the way as we work towards our goal of 50 cadets from throughout this great Western Territory. Each of these accepted cadets are involved in ministry within their local corps and are ready to accept the challenge to be God’s ‘Ambassadors of Grace’ in this trouble world.”

Shane and Ragina Halverson
Federal Way
Northwest Division

Griffith Lourdes
Pasco Temple Corps
Northwest Division

William and Elizabeth Welch
Kauluwela Mission
Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division

Douglas Hanson
Bellingham Corps
Northwest Division

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