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Trailblazers recognized

Mrs. Evie Dawe

In the Golden State Division, one woman stands out—always ready to give of her time and talents as a soldier, an employee and a volunteer—Mrs. Evie Dawe.
For 52 years she worked as administrative secretary for the service extension department of the Northern California and Nevada Division, and for the past ten years she has volunteered in the service extension department of the Golden State Division.
She has been pianist for the San Francisco ARC, playing at the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services, for 40 years. Additionally, for 28 years, since its opening, Evie has been involved with the Pinehurst Residence, the women’s program of the San Francisco ARC.
Evie has also served on the advisory councils of the ARC and the senior meals program, and continues to be a member of the women’s auxiliary.
For giving a lifetime of service in Christ’s name, Evie Dawe has earned the distinction, Trailblazer of the Year.

Envoys Hermes and Rufina Otis

Envoys Hermes and Rufina Otis serve as leaders of the Chuuk Corps, in the Federated States of Micronesia.
A native of Chuuk, Otis first heard of the work of The Salvation Army from his sister-in-law, a soldier in Hawaii. In 1996, after much prayer, he accepted his call from God to start The Salvation Army in Chuuk. He and his wife Rufina traveled to Kolonia, Pohnpei, and became soldiers.
Returning home, the Otises began outreach ministries to the hospital and jail. They organized open-air meetings, Bible studies and a League of Mercy. All this became the foundation of today’s Chuuk Corps.
The Otises’ vision is to see a strong Salvation Army throughout the Federated States of Micronesia built solidly on the gospel of Christ.
For their work in bringing The Salvation Army to Chuuk and their vision for the future of the Army in Micronesia, Envoys Hermes and Rufina Otis have earned the title, Trailblazers of the Year.

Lee Stiles

After learning of The Salvation Army’s role in World War I, Lee Stiles, King County, Washington advisory board chairman, was struck by the tales of the Army lassies and their doughnuts.
Stiles had an idea. With natural marketing ability and a family background in baking, he approached the Army with a plan to create a cause-marketing product that would benefit the Army financially and raise awareness of The Salvation Army to the public.
The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut was born.
With Army endorsement, Stiles developed the business partnerships critical to the project’s success. On Jan. 5, The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut premiered in Fred Meyer stores in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.
It was an instant success—doughnut requests are coming in from around the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.
For his vision and follow-through—his tireless determination to make The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut a reality, Lee Stiles is a true Trailblazer of the Year.

Captains Oscar and Edith Tippol

Since 2000, Captains Oscar and Edith Tippol have led the Spanish-speaking Santa Ana Temple Corps in Southern California, now the largest corps in the Western Territory.
Along with traditional corps activities, Santa Ana Temple offers after-school and home church programs that allow corps members to grow as leaders and that serve as an evangelistic outreach.
In 1998, to assist other Spanish-speaking Salvationists, the Tippols introduced an innovative program that provided Christian education and administrative skills for Spanish speakers. This eventually became The Salvation Army Bible Institute for Theological Education, headquartered in Santa Ana, with annexes in Long Beach and Los Angeles. Earlier this year the institute held its first official graduation.
Because the Tippols truly embody the spirit of the Salvationist, seeing a need among the people and finding a way to fill it, they are designated Trailblazers of the Year.

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