Woman wearing angel wings

‘Six Feet Apart,’ a coronavirus poem

Six Feet Apart

Six feet apart, that’s how we must stand.
Blow me a kiss, but don’t shake my hand.
Don’t leave your house, shelter in place.
If you must go, put a mask on your face! 

Six feet apart, might as well be a mile.
There’s no conversation, I can’t see your smile.
I’m thankful for Facebook and Instagram, too
But this is surreal, times we’ve never been through.

Six feet apart, for now, until when
Can we get back to normal and gather again?
Life has been changed, there’s nowhere to go.
How long will this last? They don’t seem to know…

Six feet apart, this virus has spread.
Infected the world and left many dead.
Heroes among us, serving with love,
Hope still alive, with help from above.

Fear has not gripped me, goodness prevails.
We’re in this together and love never fails.
God’s in control, this I know in my heart,
We’re surrounded by angels…

Six feet apart! 

Ann Todd, Honokaa Corps, Hawaii


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