Singing Companies Compete at Congress

WELL DONE–The Los Angeles Korean Corps Singing Company, led by Lieutenant Ruth Lee, finished first in the territorial competition.

Eight divisions sent their finalists to the territorial Singing Company competition, held at the Great Victory Congress. Each group sang the compulsory song, “We Will Shout” and another of their own choice selected from the 1997 edition of the Western Territory’s Singing Company Album.

Making the difficult choice of the “best of the best” were Colonel Robert Tobin (R), Lt. Colonel Barbara Hunter, Major Joy Webb (R) and Songster Leader Janette Bosanko.

Finishing in first place was Southern California Division, Los Angeles Korean, led by Lt. Ruth Lee; second place was taken by Hawaii and Pacific Islands Division, Leeward Corps, led by Cathy Hayes; and in third place was Southwest Division, Phoenix Citadel, led by Major Warren Dabis.

Other groups, all of which gave outstanding performances, included: Alaska Division, Anchorage Citadel, led by Captain Erik Sholin; Cascade Division, Portland Tabernacle, led by Debra Coppenger; Del Oro Division, Concord Corps, led by Karen Prince; Northwest Division, Seattle Central, led by Tom Luangamath; and Sierra Del Mar Division, Oceanside Corps, led by Sharon Bailey.

Awards and Degrees Highlight Commencement

Awards and Degrees Highlight Commencement

After two years of faithful and diligent study, the Messengers of God’s

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‘Latté Night Café’ Showcases Talent, Memories

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