Silvercrest coordinators discuss HUD roles

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Sylvia Karl of Southern California Presbyterian Homes shares information on service coordination. Major Carol Pontsler, consultant for Silvercrest Residences, was instrumental in the planning and implementation of the conference.

Interest ran high as six Silvercrest residences service coordinators and two divisional headquarters representatives met recently at Territorial Headquarters to discuss aspects of their respective roles in relation to residents of HUD-subsidized housing.

Meeting in partial fulfillment of HUD’s 36-hour training requirement, there was little hesitancy as questions and comments were fielded in rapid-fire order by presenters. The one-and-a-half day conference was specifically designed to address everyday concerns that arise as these important staff persons link residents with needed local services as they age-in-place.

Sylvia Karl, an expert trainer from Southern California Presbyterian Homes, shared some of the history behind the field of service coordination and the federal and state resources available through the Older Americans Act. Drs. Jamie Garris and Meliza Tellado from the Pasadena Center for Aging Resources brought valuable insight on the topic of “Communicat-ing Effectively in Difficult Situations.”

Chaplain Major Ed Covert and Avery Chamlis, director of rehabilitation services at the Riverside County ARC, were most helpful in their discussion of “Addressing Difficult Behaviors” and “Medications & Substance Abuse, respectively. Marianna Hofer, Elder Law Attorney from Torrance covered the area of “Guardianship & Power of Attorney, Living Wills & Trusts;” and Jennifer Weinstein and John McCarthy shared important information with regard to the HIPAA law as it pertains to health records. The job description of the service coordinator was examined, as were tools for case management and reporting.

Silvercrest Management Director Susan Lawrence indicated that new service coordinator positions will be added as applications for HUD grants and/or rent increases are approved.

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