Sierra Del Mar Sweeps Guards/Sunbeams Awards


Riverside-San Diego Citadel

sierra del mar
RIVERSIDE–Leader Patty Ferguson and Sunbeams proudly pose after being announced territorial champions along with the San Diego Citadel Girl Guards.

The Riverside Sunbeams and the San Diego Citadel Girl Guard troops were recently announced as the territorial champions for 1997.

Each year, troops accumulate points monthly, based on the activities of the girls in the troops: attendance, emblem work, high awards, leadership, service projects, and activities.

To reach Achievement, Sunbeam troops must earn at least 65 points and Girl Guards 55 points. Riverside Sunbeams totaled 166 points and San Diego Citadel Guards 148. This is the third consecutive year the Riverside Sunbeams have been territorial champions.

Competition was very keen during the year, with five Girl Guard and five Sunbeam troops scoring over 100 points. Troops in second place were Walla Walla Sunbeams with 142, and Portland Tabernacle Girl Guards with 123 points. The Portland Tabernacle Girl Guards were territorial champions in 1995 and 1996.

Other troops scoring over 100 were Modesto Red Shield (117); Hobbs, N. Mex. (109) and Burbank, Calif. (102). Other Sunbeam troops scoring over 100 were Walla Walla (142), Modesto Red Shield (130), Hobbs (115) and Fairbanks (114).

A total of 125 Achievement Awards were issued for 1997, 65 for Sunbeams and 60 for Guards, an increase of 14 troops reaching achievement over 1996. Every troop that reached this goal is to be congratulated, as this represents a great deal of effort on the part of leaders and girls.

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