‘Showers of blessing’ soak Intermountain

With 425 Intermountain Division soldiers and friends gathered in a huge tent on the grounds of High Peak Camp in the Colorado Rockies, Divisional Commander Lt. Colonel Harold Brodin opened the 2003 Divisional Bible Camp with a prayer that God would send, “showers of blessings.” At the conclusion of the prayer, a torrential rain began to fall—soaking the tent, the ground, and the shoes of nearly everyone in attendance.

Persevering bravely through the storm, visiting speaker Lt. Colonel Kurt Burger took to the pulpit and challenged listeners to consider what the influence their lives and their relationships with Christ might have on the lives of others.

The following day, campers pitched in and converted the camp dining room for use as a chapel so that the meetings could be moved indoors and out of the weather.

True showers of blessing fell Saturday evening during an old-fashioned Salvation Army meeting, under the leadership of Lt. Colonel Alicia Burger. Old-time Salvationists and newcomers alike shared their testimonies of God’s grace and love with the assembled crowd. The moving of the Holy Spirit was unmistakable as the praises were heard.

Sunday morning, Lt. Colonel Kurt Burger encouraged listeners to allow God to become a place of worship, comfort, and sanctuary in their hearts, to help them be all that God wants them to be. Many seekers came forward to the altar to dedicate themselves to God during the time of commitment.

The weekend was capped off Sunday evening at a talent show organized by Major Don Gilger, featuring many gifted persons from the congregation. Concluding the service, Burger reminded everyone that when we give of our talents, God is the audience, and we must be dedicated to him in all that we do.

Though those who attended the camp will probably never forget the rain showers that fell, threatening to douse the festivities, they will certainly never forget the blessings, which fell from above, soaking their hearts with the love of God.

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