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Homelessness: The Way Out


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Spring 2019
Volume 25 No. 01
A publication of The Salvation Army

In this issue

‘The Way Out’ | By Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder

A life made more
‘God’s plan are always better than our dreams.’

PB&J, with love | By Karen Gleason
Sandwich ministry provides a weekly touchpoint for people living on the streets of paradise.

The real story on human trafficking | By Pilar Dunning, Hillary Dejarnett, Jamie Manirakiza and Priscilla Santos
What four anti-trafficking practitioners wish everyone knew.

‘It was not well with my soul’ | By David and Diane Shatto, Cadets

The West’s crisis? Homelessness. | By Caitlin Johnston
The number of people living on our streets continues to rise to emergency levels along the coast.

Healing homelessness through community | By Hillary Jackson
‘Unprecedented’ effect of temporary shelter keeps doors open.

The Way Out | By Christopher Doughty
How William Booth’s foundational ideas continue to shape The Salvation Army today.

Surviving unexpected homelessness | By Vivian Gatica Lopez
Fire survivors begin to rebuild.

‘One-way’ out of homelessness | By Jared McKiernan
Bus tickets back home to loved ones are part of a growing strategy to address homelessness.

A permanent place to call home | By Kristin Marguerite Doidge
‘Life-changer’ apartments in Bell, California, make home a reality.