Seven days can make one weak!


It strikes me that the Beatitudes might well be considered to be “Be” attitudes. The blessings promised seem to be conditional upon the attitudes (stance or disposition, if you like) of the people…depressed, hurting, gentle, longing after righteousness, showing mercy, seeking to be pure, proactively seeking to make peace…

Certainly it is true that our attitude can color our interpretation and response to any circumstance that arises. Circumstances can be exactly the same, yet different people can respond to them in a variety of ways. We, literally, can create our own “climate” by the way we see and react to circumstances. We can have a great day or a bad day just by changing our attitude.

For example, I am sure that, to some, the days of the week look something like this…

a day to stay in bed, a day to “kill” time!

a day to be avoided if at all possible… Monday morning blues, and all that!

try to be awkward with as many people as possible.

a time to show people how hurt you are with all the abuse piled upon you.

an opportunity to create as much conflict as possible ­ as with fireworks, “light the blue touch paper and retire immediately!”

a time to wallow in self-pity as one realizes how little has been achieved during the week, and ­ at last…

a day to collapse and recover from the tension of the week.

While some suffer from such a weak week, others may approach the same period with an entirely different attitude:

A refreshing and re-creational day with our Maker. (who, himself, knew the value of rest)

A day of anticipation and excitement wondering what new challenges the week will bring.

With so many wonderful options, where shall I start?

Today I am going to complete the projects I promised I would.

I’m gonna remember to count the ways God blesses me today.

Where did the week go? I’ve been having such a great time.

A chance to catch up on all the personal stuff I love to do.

Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that attitude shapes perspective. Over the years I have met many people who have said “It can’t be done.” They are right, for no matter how many positive suggestions you make, there’s always a reason none will work for them. Others have said “We can do this.” They are right since no obstacle is seen to be beyond what they and God can do together.

If you think you can (mmm-nday) or you think you can’t (moan-day), you’re right! It all comes down to a matter of attitude.

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