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CSM Lily Chin
Through the years Lily Chin has served in many local officer positions, and since 1970 has served on the Advisory Board for San Francisco Chinatown and Advisory Council for San Francisco Harbor Light. She is involved in almost every activity of her corps, such as Sunday school, Band and Songsters, League of Mercy, Home League, After-School program, and fund raising. Soldiers of San Francisco Chinatown Corps love Lily for her Christlike example, her long history of service, and her constant loyalty, dedication and kindness.

CSM Overton Clarence
The opening of Salvation Army work in Micronesia is due to the faith and tenacity of Rita Corps Sergeant Major Overton Clarence. He was first introduced to the Army through The War Cry, and was impres-sed that these papers described soldiers of God who fought with love and cared about the needs of the people.

In 1974 he embarked on a mission of faith, trying to convince Salvation Army leaders to start work in Micronesia. Meanwhile, he had begun social programs with local funding. In 1985, thanks to his efforts, Army ministry began in Majuro.

CSS Richard Davenport
Richard Davenport is extremely active in the Tustin Ranch Corps and in improving circumstances of individuals through the Army world. For many years, he has organized a construction team that has worked in Alaska on various projects, often with substantial personal expense. As Community Service Sergeant, he has organized and conducted outreach services to homeless individuals every other week, with special music and vocal solos. After dissolving his personal business, Dick began working full time for the Army and has saved it $70,000 so far in Orange County.

Songster Leader William Flinn
Under his leadership, the Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters have become one of the best known and most respected musical groups in the Army world. While they have brought the Gospel message to thousands of people around the world, Bill has made sure their first commitment is to the corps ministry. He never compromises his Christian witness when his high profile position as Chief Operating Officer at the Tournament of Roses brings him into contact with many of our leading citizens. His pastoral concern for the group shows his compassionate response to human need. Bill’s dedication and faithfulness clearly qualify him as a recipient of this honor.

Bandmaster Ed Freeman
Since moving his family from Canada to Southern California in the ’60s, Ed has participated actively as a musician and music leader with three corps. Since 1973, he has adapted his band ministry to meet the changing conditions and challenges of each community. He has served on the Corps Council and provided exemplary leadership as a local officer. With his wife, Flo, his home has been open to many special events, prayer breakfasts and Bible studies and has housed visiting bandsmen and young Salvationists. His service is aptly described as exceptional.

Eric Loveless
Born in Britain, Eric Loveless was a solo cornet player in Her Majesty’s Coldstream Guards Band as well as in corps and divisional bands. He has served as Song Leader, Bandmaster, or music coordinator in several Western Territory corps, including Sacramento, Redding, Reno, Phoenix, Oakland, San Diego, Stockton and Tucson Temple. For the past 13 years he has worked at the ARC and been a one-on-one friend to many of the men at the Center. Despite physical limitations, Eric continues his work for God. At music camps he made a wonderful contribution to the lives of young people. This honor is a very satisfying and thrilling way to recognize this quiet, loving Salvationist, and man of God.

Lt. Colonel R. Eugene Rice (R)
Lt. Colonel R. Eugene Rice is held in highest esteem by all who know him for the quality of his service. Since his retirement in 1984, he has continued to give distinguished service as a consultant to the commanders of several divisions in the form of cultivating major gifts and as chaplain to many long-time friends of The Salvation Army.

In addition to giving outstanding service as a soldier of the Chico Corps, he has conducted extensive evangelistic campaigns for a large number of corps in the territory. As commander of the Southern California Division he was responsible for land purchases now expanding two camps. He gave leadership to a capital campaign with a $14 million goal, which raised $16.5 million.

Every person in or outside The Salvation Army who knows him has a unique and personal story of caring or love in action related to Gene Rice.

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Peter Chang — A Man God Can Be Proud Of

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