Santa Rosa Corps adds to ranks

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MAJOR EDA HOKOM presented enrollment certificates to Amy Yardley and Niki Phipps as flag bearers Captains Doug and Colleen Riley looked on.

Niki Phipps and Amy Yardley were recently enrolled as the newest soldiers in the Santa Rosa Corps. The Del Oro divisional commander, Major Eda Hokom, conducted the ceremony during a Sunday worship service, and Captains Doug (Amy’s uncle) and Colleen Riley from Del Oro DHQ were the flag-bearers.

To complete the family atmosphere, Amy’s grandparents, Brigadier Bob Yardley and Lt. Colonel Gladys Riley, as well as Niki’s husband Brian, participated in the service. “The Santa Rosa Corps is delighted to have significantly lowered its average age with these new additions! We are also delighted that both young women became soldiers to strengthen their Christian witness in the community,” said Corps Officer Captain Ian Robinson.

Looking ahead to mission opportunities

Looking ahead to mission opportunities

There is much cause for rejoicing in the Body of Christ as we look forward to a

Keep our territorial leaders in prayer

Keep our territorial leaders in prayer

Commissioner Linda Bond January—25-27: Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division

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