Santa Fe Corps Cadets ‘Open’ Legislature

The Corps Cadets of the Santa Fe New Mex., Corps served as pages recently for the New Mexico House of Representatives 44th legislature’s first session.

The cadets were invited to the House by State Representative Gloria Vaughn, who attends the Santa Fe Corps when the legislature is in session. They were taken to the House floor and introduced to the legislature. Throughout the session they assisted the representatives with errands and deliveries.

Each cadet received an award certificate for their efforts. “We are very proud of our cadets, as this is a first for Salvation Army youth in Santa Fe. They served us well,” stated Corps Officer Major John Webb.

Corps Cadet Guardian and Corps Officer Major DeLois Webb stated, “The girls were ecstatic about serving for the day. They were responsible and responsive and did a great job. I was very proud of them.” She noted the cadets wore fatigue uniform, with blue soldier’s trim, while they were there.

The event made a big impact on the girls as well. “I learned a lot more about New Mexico than I knew before I went there,” said Rachell Ratliff. “It was a great pleasure to be asked to serve as a page for the representatives.” The girls were given a tour of the State Capitol afterwards.

Cadets who participated were: Luz Esparza, Claudia Castillo, Rachell Ratliff, Angela Ratliff and Amy Garcia.

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