Santa Ana Temple Holds ‘Big Sunday’

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Chief Secretary Colonel Bill and Colonel Gwen Luttrell, territorial secretary, Women’s Organizations, recently presided at a Big Sunday at Santa Ana Temple Corps, where 62 new members–25 Senior soldiers, 13 Junior soldiers, 6 adherents and 18 recruits–were presented in an unforgettable ceremony.

Under the leadership of Corps Officers Majors Fernando and Nancy Martinez and Ass’t. Corps Officer Lt. C. Antonio Perales, more than 70 local officers are supporting the active life in this corps, where 42 meetings are on the program every week.

As the band played a march, in came the American flag, the Army flag, Recruiting Sergeant Amanda Ocampo, YPSM Margarita Ocampo, Junior soldier Sergeant Polly Garcia and then the 62 men and women, boys and girls. As the commanding officer took their promises and accepted them as members of The Salvation Army in Santa Ana Temple, there were smiles and some tears of joy.

Korean Corps Visits Rwanda, Uganda

Korean Corps Visits Rwanda, Uganda

San Francisco by Judy Vaughn –  Lt

Mariam Rudd Assigned To Army’s Intn’l College

Mariam Rudd Assigned To Army’s Intn’l College

Captain Mariam Rudd, assistant secretary, territorial Women’s Ministries

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