Santa Ana hosts soccer tournament

by Julio Morales –

Recently, The Salvation Army in Santa Ana, Calif. held its second annual soccer tournament.

The purpose of the event was to reach out to the community and to establish healthy relationships with other area churches.

The tournament also acted as a fundraiser, raising money to put up lighting and repair part of the field, along with funds for a 2007-2008 missionary project. Everything was successfully achieved, thanks to the effort and enthusiasm of all the coordinators.

Seven teams participated in the tournament: Manchester, Olympia, Body Master, Placeres del Oro, Santa Ana Temple, Primer Amor and Whittier.

For two years Manchester has shown what they’re made of. With a strong defense, quick attackers and an excellent goalkeeper, this team is ready to face any challengers. “Man, this team is ready for anything!” an onlooker observed.

After all the games and the exciting finals, one champion emerged—Manchester United. They took the trophy home for the second time.

“Having the opportunity of coordinating this kind of event is exciting, as it provides the opportunity to share with the community and invite them to come to our place and let them see how they can have fun without drugs and alcohol—specially for the kids out there,” said event coordinator Manuel Mendez.

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