San Pedro women have new direction in ministry

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Under the leadership of Captain Joy Mui, the Women’s Ministries at the San Pedro Corps, Calif., is taking a new direction to meet the needs of both older and younger adults in the community.

“San Pedro and the whole South harbor area are a rich cultural base,” Mui said. “While it is mostly Hispanic, you also see Italian, Scandinavian, and Asian cultures here. My aim is to reach out to people, in the power of God, from various cultures.

To accomplish this, the three Salvation Army ministries–Sage House, the Hispanic ministry, and the corps–can come and work together.

Using her creative skills, Joy is reaching out to the community through conducting classes in oil painting, children’s artwork and crafts. She works with two women’s circles, with the goal that through them women will be saved, become disciples and ultimately new leaders of the Women’s Ministries.

Joy and her Home League women are constantly involved in the Sage House program, ministering to frail, older adults and their families.

Captain Thomas Mui serves with his wife as San Pedro corps officers.

Officers years of service recognized

Officers years of service recognized

The following officers were recognized during officers’ councils for their

Promoted to Glory

Promoted to Glory


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