San Diego ARC big winners in recovery games swim meet

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by Marlene Gerber – 

ARC WINNERS AT Recovery Games swim meet: (l-r) Gary Muckey, Owen McHugh, Kerry Kobashi, Mark Gorence, Nathan Hinkle.

Residents of the San Diego ARC, who competed in the annual Recovery Games Swim Meet, won a phenomenal total of 18 medals.

Some extraordinarily talented swimmers were among the ARC entrants who were invited by the event sponsor, the City of San Diego Park & Recreation Department, for “a celebration of fun and recovery.”

The swim meet provided a golden opportunity for them to shine, both as individuals and as a team proudly representing The Salvation Army. Nathan Hinkle, who swam competitively in high school and college, set a record with 6 gold medals. “It was great to be back doing what I love, and being successful again,” Hinkle said. High-achiever Kerry Kobashi, who spent 9 years on a competitive swim team in her younger days (while also studying ballet and piano) took first-place gold in all 5 meets she was in.

Owen McHugh, a finalist in the 2000 Olympic trials in Australia, won a gold and 3 bronze medals. The native of India, who was raised in Coronado, began swimming at any early age, as did all of his swim mates. Several others at the ARC who have similar backgrounds and experience were happy to be back in sports, using their natural athletic abilities, which have lain dormant during their years of addiction.

“The Recovery Games provide a terrific chance for our people in recovery to excel and experience a heightened sense of self worth,” said Major Doug Williams, administrator.

It’s part of the ARC’s holistic approach to recovery—the development of a healthy body, mind and spirit. With family, counselors, sponsors and staff to cheer them on, the participants were winners, in more ways than one.

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