Tanagho gains involvement in Army ministry

SamyTanaghoSoldierFormer Muslim recently addressed a crowd of cadets

Samy Tanagho—the Egyptian lawyer-turned-evangelist consultant for The Salvation Army Western Territory— became a soldier late last year at The Salvation Army Tustin Ranch Corps in Southern California.

“I decided to do it so I can be used more within The Salvation Army,” Tanagho said. “It’s more a commitment on my part to be more involved in the ministry within the Army. I would love to serve more.”

Since New Frontier Chronicle last spoke with Tanagho in early 2014, he said he has spoken at more than 50 engagements, including 16 Salvation Army events, teaching Christians how to witness to Muslims. Notably, he spoke at the Western Territorial Executive Council, Officers Councils in Hawaii and at the College for Officer Training (CFOT) at Crestmont.

Tanagho said one cadet said, “I had a militant attitude toward the Muslims. Your presentation changed the way I think and feel and changed my heart.”

This is part of his objective and he said to help execute that, the first part of his presentation is biblically based. He then points to the growing number of Muslims worldwide.

“I tell them that Muslims are growing everywhere in America, Europe and all over the world,” Tanagho said. “So it is important that we know how to witness to them effectively. Not just tell them God loves you…It’s important to answer their questions.”

He said his book, “Glad News! God Loves You, My Muslim Friend,” helps to answer these questions. It integrates the teachings of Islam to help Muslims believe the gospel and to see the divinity of Jesus Christ and the salvation he wants Muslims to experience. It also highlights parallel passages in the Quran and the Bible about the person of Jesus Christ, such as his unique sinlessness and his unique virgin birth.

“With the materials they can be more equipped to minister,” Tanagho said. “We build a common ground with them and we use that common ground as a stepping stone to the gospel. And we have common ground in Adam, to show them that Adam entered into sin and sin entered the human race through Adam and we have common ground with them in a sinful nature.”

Tanagho said the problem is within us, so we need a transformation of our nature.

“We need a new nature,” he said. “We also build a common ground through Abraham and through God’s command to Abraham to sacrifice his son because his story is very much recorded in the Quran and we use that common ground to help them understand how God loves us.”

Tanagho said he hopes that God will use him to accomplish much through The Salvation Army.

“I have a passion and responsibility to give Salvationists what God gave me,” he said. “The evangelistic materials, especially my book, which answers the questions Muslims have about the Christian faith and presents to them Jesus, in the most understandable, convincing and attractive way.”

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