Salvationist earns MD degree, receives honors

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JUDY RICHARDSON, MD, is ‘hooded’ during ceremonies at Dartmouth Medical School.

Judy Rebecca Richardson, daughter of Majors Larry and Nila Fankhauser, Juneau, Alaska, corps officers, graduated from Dartmouth Medical School with the degree of Doctor of Medicine recently.

The Majors and their sons, Ken and Caleb, traveled to Hanover, New Hampshire for the commencement celebrations.

Judy was recognized with two awards at the ceremony. She was recipient of The John F. Radebaugh Community Service Award, given to the students who exemplify outstanding community service during their years at Dartmouth. For her community service project, she produced an information booklet for teenagers that will be updated continually and sent to all high schools in the area of New Hampshire and Vermont.

She also received a Rural Health Scholar Award for her involvement with a rural health program. She demonstrated a continued and intense commitment to the care of rural people and their communities.

The most impressive ceremony for medical students at Dartmouth is the “Hooding Ceremony.” Fifty-four students were welcomed into the profession by being “hooded” with the colors of the medical school. Three special awards were also presented at this ceremony, one of which was the Good Physician Award.

For this award, students and faculty elect one student who best exemplifies a combination of scientific and professional knowledge with the qualities of general wisdom, caring, empathy, and devotion to the welfare of others; this defines the highest level in the profession of medicine. Judy was surprised and honored and her parents were proud and a little teary when her name was called to receive this award.

Judy was active in Salvation Army programs throughout her youth. She was a Commissioner Sunbeam, General’s and Catherine Booth Award Girl Guard, and graduate first-class Corps Cadet. She attributes her ideal of a life of service, wanting to help others and provide healing, to growing up in The Salvation Army with officer parents.

As Judy worked hard to achieve her medical degree, she was supported by her husband, Dan, whom she met when her parents were stationed in The Dalles, OR.

Dr. Judy Richardson will serve as a resident for one year in Spokane and then two years in Goldendale, Washington.

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