Salvation Army Youth of the Western Territory

2008-09 Standard of Achievement

The Territorial Youth Department has announced the Standard of Achievement winners for Corps Cadets and Junior Soldiers—2008-2009. The Standard of Achievement is the highest possible award a corps can earn for either Corps Cadets or Junior Soldiers. It requires extra activities, effort and energy by the corps officers and leaders. There are three possible awards for each program: blue (the highest), red and yellow. Each corps earning this annual award receives a plaque to display in the corps building and an engraved star plate to place on the plaque.

Corps Cadets
Corps Cadet brigades earn points for conducting a Corps Cadet Sunday, wearing uniform, turning in lessons, fun excursions, or for leaders participating in a training event. Corps are divided into categories based on how many members they have in their brigade: Division A—1-7; Division B—8-14; Division C—15+.

BLUE: Inglewood, Calif. (So. Calif.)—3070 points; San Pedro, Calif. (Southern California)—2800; Vancouver, Wash. (Northwest)—2240; Riverside, Calif. (Sierra del Mar)—2215; Kahului, Maui (Hawaiian & Pacific Islands)—2020; Kauluwela, Oahu (Hawaiian & Pacific Islands)—1990; Hanapepe, Kauai (Hawaiian & Pacific Islands)—1830; Bend, Ore. (Cascade)—1635; Murrieta, Calif. (Sierra del Mar)—1615.

RED: Torrance, Calif. (So. Calif.)—1805 points; San Diego Citadel, Calif. (Sierra del Mar)—1615; McMinnville, Ore. (Cascade)—1405; Centennial, Colo. (Intermountain)—1320; Grass Valley, Calif. (Del Oro)—1155; Fresno, Calif. (Golden State)—1140; Coos Bay, Ore. (Cascade)—1095; Carson City, Nev. (Del Oro)—1015.

YELLOW: Flagstaff, Ariz. (Southwest)—1180 points; Laura, Majuro, Marshall Islands (Hawaiian & Pacific Islands)—1145; Tucson South, Ariz. (Southwest)—990; Tualatin Valley, Ore. (Cascade)—940; Mid-Columbia, Wash. (Northwest)—895; Ebeye, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands (Hawaiian & Pacific Islands)—870; Fairbanks, Alaska (Alaska)—815; Phoenix Citadel, Ariz. (Southwest)—780; El Paso, Tex. (Southwest)—765; Bay Communities, Ore. (Cascade)—745; Albuquerque, New Mex. (Southwest)—725; Oroville, Calif. (Del Oro)—630; Tempe, Ariz. (Southwest)—600.

Junior Soldiers
Junior Soldiers earn points for categories such as membership, attendance, uniform, Singing Company and participation in corps worship services.

BLUE: Anchorage, Alaska (Alaska); Bay Communities, Ore. (Cascade); Estrella Mountain, Ariz. (Southwest), Kahului, Maui (Hawaiian & Pacific Islands); Klawock, Alaska (Alaska), Mesa Citadel, Ariz. (Southwest).

RED: Kona, Hawaii (Hawaiian & Pacific Islands); San Francisco Kroc (Golden State); Laura, Majuro Atoll (Hawaiian & Pacific Islands); Phoenix Citadel, Ariz. (Southwest); Portland Tabernacle, Ore. (Cascade).

YELLOW: Bend, Ore. (Cascade); El Centro, Calif. (Sierra del Mar); El Paso Citadel, Tex. (Southwest); Murrieta, Calif. (Sierra del Mar); Rita, Majuro (Hawaiian & Pacific Islands); San Pedro, Calif. (Southern California); Tucson South, Ariz. (Southwest).

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