Salvation Army, Local Radio Station Give Mary a ‘Face-Lift’

A joint effort by a local radio station and The Salvation Army made Mary Feit’s home beautiful. Mary is a soldier of the Fort Collins, Colo., corps and a recent recipient of a 25-year long service award.

It all began when disc jockey “Fizz” Fisbeck of 107.9 “The Bear” decided to do more than just give away tickets to a concert: he would swap them for the best offers. The first call was from a local contractor, who offered to re-roof someone’s home. After that, there were varying offers from painters, cleaners and even cooks. His “Swap Shop” concept was a complete success, and the station called on The Salvation Army for help.

Captain Kit Wetter, Fort Collins Corps C.O., Marla Stone and “Fizz” decided that Mary’s run-down little home was a perfect subject for their “Home Improvement Movement.”

Most of the project was completed during three summer weeks, resulting in a new roof, insulation, paint, screens, gutters, bathroom countertop and floor, and furnace overhaul. The cost of the project is estimated at $10-15,000, at no charge to Mary or the Army. This was a fitting reward for Mary, who has donated so much of her own time to help others, including putting together food boxes and ringing bells at Christmas.

This made an 89-year-old lady very happy, but it doesn’t stop there. Station executives were so impressed by the project and its relationship with The Salvation Army, it pledged to make this an annual project, with full advertising and media support. Jaycor Broadcasting, owner of the station, is the third largest broadcasting company in the U.S.

(For more information on the Home Improvement Movement, contact Jonathan Harvey, Public Relations Director, The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 2145, Fort Collins, CO 80522 [970] 493-7090.)

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