Sally’s Café feeds kids after school

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The Salvation Army Amphi Corps has recently added a new after-school feeding program designed to provide nutrition to at-risk youth. This project is in conjunction with the Tucson, ARiz.,community food bank.

“Sally’s Café” opened recently, feeding 28 children after school with sandwiches, chips, and Sunny Delight juices. While the initial intent of the project was to offer snacks one day a week, the need has caused a change in plans and the café now provides snacks on a daily basis. On average, 26 youth ages 6-18 are fed each day. The target feeding goal is tentatively set at 60-70 youths.

Major Ben Nunes, Amphi corps officer, stated “The children are very hungry after school and a snack with a minimal preparation for the staff has been a positive addition and necessary component to the overall youth center program.”

Captain William Dickinson, Tucson City Coordinator, said “Once the feeding program has been successfully implemented at the Amphi Corps, we plan to expand to other corps in the Tucson area.”

Salem sends a message of hope

Salem sends a message of hope

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