Salem Kroc Center Health Fair raises $21,000

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At the Salem (Oregon) Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center, wellness is a community affair.

Acknowledging that belief, the center held its seventh annual Health Fair Jan. 20, offering a variety of health screenings and free access to the the center’s amenities—swimming, rock climbing, basketball and fitness machines.

The free health services included blood pressure and glucose screenings, bone density scans, BMI testing, posture analysis, computerized nerve scans, medical massage and flu shots. With the flu season posting some alarming numbers, many patrons took advantage of Walgreens’ free flu shots.

A representative from the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace was available to answer questions about choosing insurance plans.

During the event, the center raised over $21,000 for the its scholarship fund. That includes a last minute donation of $12,000 from an older gentleman who walked up to the front desk and wrote a check.  

“That rarely happens,” said Kroc Center Director of Business Kamron Saar. “Bless his heart—he just wanted to donate to The Salvation Army. It really helps us build our scholarship program.”  

Since the opening of the Salem Kroc Center in 2009, nearly 42,000 individuals have been approved for scholarship. This was Joan Kroc’s dream and her legacy—a series of state-of-the-art centers, affordable and accessible to all.

Health Fair 2018 sponsors included Salem Health, Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace and Aspen Pain Clinic.

With reporting by Tami Sanders

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