Salem Citadel Sunday school contest a success

Youth director Trimmer gets trimmed.

by Clinton Trimmer – 

Clinton Trimmer makes good on his promise to the Salem Citadel, Oregon, Sunday school.

When I received word that the Cascade Division was going to have a Sunday school contest, I knew that something had to be done to excite the kids if Salem was going to have any chance of winning. The idea was simple: if the boys brought more friends than the girls, then Megan DeLapp, a youth volunteer, would dye her hair Salvation Army colors—red, blue and yellow. If the girls brought more friends, then I would have my head shaved.

The day that I made the announcement, I watched the kids’ eyes light up at the prospect of doing something so outrageous to one of their youth leaders. During the three-month contest, updates were given as to who was in the lead; it varied continually, with no definitive lead by either side.

As the time drew near, there was a noticeable frenzy by the girls to get more friends to Sunday school assembly. The girls wanted to win. They wanted to see me lose my hair.

The final day of the contest arrived; as I walked into the assembly hall I didn’t need a pen and paper to add up and see who had won the contest: the entire back row of the hall was filled with pre-teen girls. I knew it was all over for my hair.

The next week, as promised, I walked into the hall, resigned to the fact that I was going to lose my hair. Corps Officer Captain Leticia Saunders had a huge smile on her face as she lifted the clippers and went to work. A few moments later I was holding in my hand the hair that had been attached to my head.

I love my hair, but the joy and happiness that the kids in that hall got from seeing me lose my hair was well worth it. During the contest, Salem went from having a low assembly attendance of 19, including leaders, to having a high of 47 in assembly.

Only time will tell if Salem’s Sunday school will continue to grow, but at least my hair will.

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