Sage House Aids Alzheimer’s Patients

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APPRECIATION–(l) Lt. Jorge Garnica joins Advisory Council Chair Dave Bond (r) in thanking Gerald Hardin and Maria Kennedy.


The frail elderly or those suffering from Alzheimer’s/dementia find a safe, stimulating environment at The Salvation Army Sage House in San Pedro, Calif.

“Many people do not know about our program,” says Lieutenant Jorge Garnica. “Our efforts have been to inform everyone in San Pedro, as well as the surrounding areas, of our services. Some people think it is the end, or they have to place their loved one in a rest home, or just sit them in front of a TV until death takes them when they reach this age or point in their lives.”

He adds, “You’ll be surprised how these folks are stimulated when they see others their age singing and dancing. It’s a beautiful thing to see when they ‘wake up’ again.”

Licensed by the State of California to care for 30 individuals, Sage House is playing a vital part in the Harbor Area.

Adult day care is a supportive program in which caregivers (children, hired staff, etc.) can leave a loved one in the hands of a dedicated staff–giving caregivers the opportunity to go to work or take care of their own day-to-day business. The Sage House staff truly love their job, whether it’s taking the elderly on a walk or listening to them cry when they are frustrated and don’t know why.

On its fourth anniversary Sage House recently celebrated, along with Advisory Council members and caregivers, its appreciation to Maria Kennedy, executive director, and Jerry Hardin, activities director, for their dedicated service.

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