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“A Reason to Grow”


GROWING–Dr. Roger Green taught Saturday’s growth seminar.

More than 500 officers and soldiers from every division in the territory gathered at the Tustin Ranch Corps for Saturday’s Bible study seminar, “A Reason to Grow.” The seminar was held under the leadership of Evangelism and Adult Programs Secretary Captain Kenneth Hodder.

The study, which could be applied to the Master Leader Key level III, was taught by Dr. Roger J. Green, Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Gordon College in Wenham, Mass. Green is also chair of that department.

During the seminar, he spoke on “How we grow: the history of Army growth;” “Why we grow: worship and discipleship for growth;” and “Where we’ll grow: Army growth in the future.”

“This was a wonderful opportunity for Salvationists to receive credit for Master Leader Key while sitting under the teaching of someone of the caliber and experience of Dr. Roger Green,” stated Major Deborah Flagg, Territorial Master Leader Key coordinator.

Focusing on the history of Army growth, Green related the importance of evangelism in the beginnings of the Army and related it to evangelism in today’s Army, encouraging Salvationists to return to the fervor of those early days.

In addition, Pat Deckard, Yuma, Ariz., corps and Matt Sengle, Anaheim, Calif., corps, gave People Count! testimonies on how they came to the Army.

“I am always so grateful for the reception given to me in this great Western territory,” said Green. “I am always amazed at the high energy of this territory for the sake of the Gospel. There is a constant search for knowledge in order to better understand our own rich theological heritage. This indeed provides grand motivation for winning the lost for Jesus and his Kingdom.”

While in the West, Green was also the guest of the Territorial Executive Conference, where he gave lectures on the theology of William Booth. His biography of Catherine Booth, to be published by Baker Book House, will be released in August of 1996.

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