Riverside Army Has Full Holy Week

by Brian Pickering –

Easter Weekend at the Riverside, Calif., Community Center will be one filled with salvation, spiritual guidance and a time to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and life.

The Good Friday service for the staff, residents and officers of Silvercrest will be unique in that they come from religious backgrounds which are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Seventh Day Adventist and Mormon. Traditional bread and broth will be served.

“I am enthused about our Good Friday service because it will not only involve officers, but also residents from Silvercrest and our employees. There is a diversity of individuals who will be attending to celebrate Christ’s life, death, resurrection and love for each of us,” said Captain Guy Hawk, corps officer.

Captain Dianne Basset of the Riverside Silvercrest residence added, “Having so many diverse religious backgrounds represented at the Good Friday service says that we are all one and striving to have the peace on earth that we want.”

The Easter Sunrise service will be followed by breakfast, with all proceeds going to The Salvation Army’s World Services. Women will relax and enjoy the breakfast, while cooking is done by the men’s fellowship group.

After Sunday school, Hawk will speak at the Easter Service about Christ’s resurrection and its continuous and wonderful meaning for our lives today.

Helena–One HEC of a Corps

Helena–One HEC of a Corps

“Come celebrate Easter at The Salvation Army–one HEC of a corps!

The Prayer List

The Prayer List

Envoy Chris Parker, in-charge, Eastside Corps, Wash

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