Ricks Crossing dedicated at Camp Kuratli

by Lisa Van Cleef, Captain – 

People keep adding an apostrophe to the new sign at the Cascade Division’s Camp Kuratli that says, “Ricks Crossing.” The only problem is that the sign is named after its builder, Loren Ricks. No apostrophe.

“Ricks Crossing” was dedicated by Chief Secretary Lt. Colonel Donald Bell. The new bridge is the first completed capital campaign project for Camp Kuratli and opens the way for future development.

The bridge is important to Camp Kuratli’s infrastructure, and expands its ability to develop unused, forested acres. Future expansion projects, which will rely on the bridge’s connection, include a high ropes challenge course, a wilderness camp for teens, and a new amphitheatre for campfire and outdoor meetings.

“Ricks Crossing is more than a bridge,” says Major Kenneth Hodder, divisional commander. “Ricks Crossing is a labor of love on behalf of Camp Kuratli’s children. It is a gateway to new opportunities where children can discover God’s love.”

In addition to his labor on the bridge, Mr. Ricks graded a mile’s worth of trails through the camp’s dense underbrush, donating his labor and equipment for the task.

At the dedication, Bell presented Ricks with a replica bulldozer atop a trophy base. In addition, the plaque—as frustrating as it may be to compulsive editors—is permanently adhered to the bridge.


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