REVOLUTION HAWAII: Shake, rattle and roll

Salvation Army team provides crisis relief at Honolulu Airport following earthquake.


“Revolution Hawaii” is shaking up the Islands—6.7 on the Richter scale to be exact.

The recent quake can be interpreted as a real-life metaphor for the “shake, rattle and rolling” created by the “REVOHI” team on an ongoing basis—only theirs is a whopping 10.0 as measured on the Spiritual Richter scale. With the space allotted, I can only give you a brief glimpse into their “temblor world.” Log on to and you will find that “there’s a whole lot of shaking going on” in Hawaii.

It was Sunday morning and the team was a mere six weeks into the revolution. They had recently received their mission assignments in a very private and moving ceremony held after dusk at a unique spot called “Spitting Caves,” located on the coastline of Oahu. One by one each warrior (a meaningful title in Hawaiian culture) carefully and prayerfully selected a rock, individually coded, that would designate their personal mission field (battle ground) for the next eight months. They were assigned in pairs and it was during this suspenseful, yet emotional moment when each member also unknowingly selected their warrior partner. Together they would begin a journey destined to “shake up” their God-ordained turf in new revolutionary ways.

Little did they know that the “shake up” would occur literally on this particular Sunday morning and that the Honolulu International Airport would become their combined parish for the day. Power was out, flights cancelled and thousands stranded without food or water. It was Revolution Hawaii to the rescue!

For example, REVOHI Nancy Tuttle met an 80-year-old lady while passing out snacks. The lady said to her, “You are an angel and I’m so glad to meet you. Have you seen an old man who walks funny and looks lost? If you find my husband, bring him back to me because I miss him.” Nancy said she would and continued her rounds. Some time later a security guard asked her if she would baby-sit an older man who was separated from his family and very worried. They talked together and she assured Philip that he needn’t be worried because he and his family would soon be reunited. The security guard returned some time later with the elderly lady whom
Nancy had befriended earlier. The lady thanked her profusely and Nancy had to chuckle under her breath because, up until this point, she had not made a connection between the two.

Nancy goes on to say, “Before we departed Philip gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, ‘Thank you so much. You are an angel. I’m going to make an extra contribution to The Salvation Army this year because you have been so kind.’” She sums up her experience saying, “I felt the Holy Spirit with me that day and I know God used me to bring them back together. One thing I realize now is that on that day I was not alone and the Honolulu International Airport was full of angels.”

Another angel, REVOHI Antonia Muñoz, was ccaught in action at the airport by an Associated Press photographer, and her “Doing the Most Good” image “rocked and rolled” around the globe on that unforgettable day.

If you are between the ages of 18-29 and want to get “all shook up” revolutionary style, get your application in for the September 2007 Revolution Hawaii mission year session. Application details can be found at Once accepted you will begin to “Rock Around the Clock”—guaranteed!

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