Majors Keith and Mona McCrevy

After serving in five divisions since 1981, Majors Keith and Mona McRevy have retired from active Salvation Army officership.

Born in Mississippi, Keith attended the Army as a child. He holds a B.A. degree from Arizona State University and was attached to the U.S. Air Force Music department as Woodwind Specialist and a Singing Sergeant.

A Baptist minister’s daughter, Mona was born in Texas and raised in New Mexico. She has a B.A. degree from Grand Canyon University.

Keith and Mona met as Army employees in the Southwest Division. They wed in 1971.

In early 1981 they became envoys and then later that year, auxiliary captains. They were commissioned full captains in 1988. They served as corps officers in Redlands, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, Chula Vista and South San Francisco Citadel, California; Tucson Temple (also city coordinator), Arizona; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Kona, Hawaii. They retired as resident administrators of the Turlock, California senior citizens’ residence.

In 1994, Mona attended the Brengle Institute; Keith attended in 1995.

While serving as corps officers, they were recognized for their youth work. They also established a senior day care center in Santa Barbara and instituted a full-time medical clinic for the uninsured in Kona. During this time they also enrolled more than 100 junior and senior soldiers and recruited 32 Salvationists to become commissioned Salvation Army officers, including 16 auxiliary captains.

A retirement service was held at Golden State’s Camp Redwood Glen, with Colonels Donald and Esther Sather officiating through word and music.

The McRevys have two daughters, Katey McRevy and Janet McRevy Landrum, and one grandchild.

Beginning in September, the McRevy’s will relocate to their home division and reside in Arizona.

Majors William and Roberta Downey
Majors Bill and Roberta Downey recently retired from service as Salvation Army officers.

Bill was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and Roberta in Buffalo, New York. After becoming soldiers of the Chula Vista, Calif. corps, the Downeys became auxiliary captains in 1989; in 1994 they were commissioned full captains.

They served as assistant corps officers in Chula Vista from 1989-1990. In 1990, they were appointed corps officers of the Compton, Calif. corps, where they served until 1996.

During the 1992 riots in south Los Angeles—called the worst civil disturbance in the U.S. in the 20th century—their efforts helped reunite the community. At the Compton Corps in the days after the disturbance the Downeys and volunteers helped over 3,000 persons a day, supplying them with food and clothing.

The Downeys retired as corps officers in Inglewood, California, where they served since July 1996.

They have five children: Captain Lynn (Osei) Stewart stationed in Sacramento, Preston Downey, Robin (Adel) Musa, Dawn Chaffin and Tracey Chaffin. They are also blessed with 12 grandchildren.

Their retirement address is 1924 Briars Rose Lane, Apt. 101, Lake Ridge, VA 22192.

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