Resource Connection set for Nov. 1

The Western Territory Supplies and Purchasing Department—or “Trade” as it as called by many—is changing. On November 1, 2004 the physical store will be closed. Our new Trade, “Resource Connection,” will be open for business on November 1 as an Internet based store.

The new store will feature pictures of all merchandise available for sale, which will be ordered online. The website is currently “under construction” and not available for perusing. When we turn out the lights at the store, the website will be up and running at This site will be your connection to Salvation Army resources.

If you are already familiar with purchasing items on the Internet at stores like, you will be comfortable navigating Resource Connection. Corps and other Army units will make their purchases on account as they do now. This website can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer, not just on official Salvation Army equipment. Orders can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from the comfort of your home, from a public access point (most public libraries offer free internet access to anyone), from handheld computers with wireless capabilities, or any other method of accessing the internet.

Individuals will be able to purchase items with their credit cards but will not have access to merchandise currently restricted to official purchases (uniforms, internal forms, orders and regulations, etc.). The access for individual consumers will not be available until January. During November and December, purchases can still be made using the current toll-free order line (800-937-8896) or by fax (847-294-2298). These two numbers will continue to be used for those individuals or official Salvation Army units who either don’t want to use the internet or do not have access to the internet.

If you are already an Internet shopper you will be pleased to know Resource Connection will offer many of the conveniences you have become accustomed to. When shipments are made you will receive an email with a link to the shipper (generally UPS) which will enable you to track the status of your package from the warehouse to delivery. When shopping for music you will be able to listen to portions of some of the songs on the discs. When purchasing printed music you will be able to view a portion of the score. These features will enhance your shopping experience with Resource Connection.

Please check future issues of New Frontier, and the Lotus Notes Bulletin Board for additional information about Resource Connection.

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